What we do

Our management travels all over the world in order to visit the firms who we collaborate with.

Our key feature is that we personally take care of every single piece with scrupulous attention, and in this way it is possible to assemble little quantities, i.e. limited editions.

Since 2013, we are specialized in the movements assemply (T1), and are able to provide every kind of movement.

Our job includes also the stocking of watches, the preperation of the import-export documents, and the organisation of the shipment to the final client.

Following Swiss Made requirements, our watches are assembled with the most exigent standards.


We manufacture all your swiss made watches and swiss made mouvements with the outmost care.


The assembling is done as your instructions for each single pice.


All your watches are tested before leaving our factory with swiss standard.


We take care of all your distribution/logistics arround the world.


We have a huge warehouse to stock your watches save.